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ORDER HOTLINE: 0161 731 0223

​Your one-stop-shop for graffiti removal products & coatings throughout the UK & Ireland

Smart Graffiti have a long history in property maintenance and identified the need for a non hazardous graffiti removal product that really worked, so after extensive research and development the Smart Graffiti product range was born and they have been manufacturing and supplying graffiti removal products on a global basis for many years. Our range of products are fast acting, Powerful, effective and easy to use. 

they remove graffiti from any surface, exterior or interior, quickly and completely.



We are confident our products work but if you want to try SMART GRAFFITI REMOVERS before you buy, we are happy to supply a sample free of charge. 

Thanks! Message sent.


Our graffiti response kits contain all you need to tackle an outbreak of graffiti before it spreads. Ideal for schools, colleges and Universities, shops, stores, shopping centres, offices and great for community clean up days, local councils, resident associations and volunteer groups.


Based upon a unique blend of solvents, emulsifiers and surfactants, the Community graffiti Removal kits are easy to use and highly effective on even the most difficult of graffiti outbreaks. They are designed for the elimination of unsightly and unwanted spray paint, crayon, magic marker, graffiti or 'tag' marks on glass, metals, brick, concrete, masonry, signage and many other internal and external surfaces. 


Each kit contains a selection of products, brushes, cloths, small pots, personal safety equipment an easy to follow user guides and all that is needed to remove graffiti safely and effectively. 


Smart Graffiti community training sessions are also available based on our graffiti response kits.

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