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Smart Epoxy Coating

Smart Epoxy Coating

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EPOXY COATING coating is a 2 x part, water based, permanent acrylic coating when applied, makes repeat offending graffiti removal easier and more effective and therefore reduces the harmful physical effects of graffiti materials on a surface.


Packaged to make 4 litres* this is an easy to use liquid coating that protects the surface and reduces any potential surface damage from continual removal which is a major benefit to those areas most at risk from graffiti attacks.


The product is designed to protect all surfaces types, porous and non-porous, and is safe to use as it does not cause damage to these surfaces It can be applied via brush, paint roller or pressurised spray.


Advantages of Epoxy Coating;

• Very hard wearing and durable

• Will last for up to ten years

• Graffiti is easily removed by means of chemical agitation

• Ideal for murals, tiled and all painted surfaces

• Provides a protective barrier against corrosion and pollution


This clear anti graffiti coating can be applied to;

• Masonry

• Brick, concrete & stone

• Mild steel & stainless steel

• Painted surfaces

• Traffic & Directional Signs


*packaged as Part A 3.2 litres - Part B 800ml - giving 4 litres and is a 4 - 1 mix - 1 litre will cover up to  to 8-10 m²

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Thank you for shopping with Smart Graffiti UK.​ If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help. 

    If you are unsure of how to use the product, please call us on 07792 738831 or email

    You may also download our User Guides & SDS Sheets, which are available on our media page.

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